Safeguarding Tribunal 

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The Safeguarding Tribunal is a new division of the Dispute Resolution Secretariat of the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC). 

The procedural rules of the Safeguarding Tribunal are adapted to take into account the distinctive and sensitive nature of the complaints, including provisions to protect and accommodate vulnerable parties and witnesses.

All cases before the Safeguarding Tribunal will be heard by an independent panel, selected from a specialized roster. Above and beyond the qualifications and experience required to join the SDRCC’s roster, members of the Safeguarding Tribunal will possess experience in relevant fields, which may include child protection, human rights, criminal law, employment law and family law.

Under the proposed adjudication system, the Safeguarding Tribunal can hear challenges of:

  • provisional measures imposed by the Director of Sanctions and Outcomes;
  • findings of a violation by an investigator; or
  • sanctions imposed by the Director of Sanctions and Outcomes.


Safeguarding Tribunal decisions on violations are final and binding. Decisions on sanctions are appealable to the Appeal Tribunal, in the form of a judicial review.

The complete rules of the Safeguarding Tribunal are found in Article 8 of the Canadian Sport Dispute Resolution Code.