Grant Recipients 

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2022-2023 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022-2023 Abuse-Free Sport Research Grant Program! A total of nine (9) research projects will be funded through this program.

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Grant Recipient Name Research Project Title

Danielle Cyr

Royal Roads University

More than Medals: Challenging Organizational Cultures That Inhibit Social and Leadership Development in Performance Sport

Research project objectives: 

  • Understand what aspects of organizational culture inhibit or support coaches for social and leadership development. Provide recommendations to remove or lessen barriers and enhance supports;
  • Develop a framework to support repurposing and transforming organizational culture factors that facilitate and perpetuate non accidental violence and abuse;
  • Provide a transformative process for performance coaches and athletes to question the inherited ideologies and values of the Canadian performance sport system;
  • Develop a framework to identify key areas of the Canadian performance sport system that need to change, adapt or enhance to better support performance sport for social and leadership development.

Simon Darnell

University of Toronto

Fostering a Positive, Safe and Brave Culture for Youth in Sport

Research project objectives: 

  • Inform the development of policies, methodologies, and strategies aimed at fostering trust-based cultures and creating positive environments that acknowledge the intersecting diversity of young individuals in the realm of sport.

Guylaine Demers

Université Laval

Environnements sportifs inclusifs et sécuritaires pour entraîneur.e.x.s et arbitres LGBTQ2+ : identifications des barrières et solutions potentielles

Research project objectives: 

  • Identify lived experiences and barriers encountered by coaches and officials who are part of the sexual and gender diversity;
  • Identify best practices to include coaches and officials who are part of the sexual and gender diversity;
  • Develop tools used in knowledge transfer to equip the Canadian sport community when faced with LGBTQ2+ challenges.

Curtis Fogel

Brock University

Digital Violence in Canadian Sport

Research project objectives: 

  • Determine the forms, characteristics, prevalence, and harms of digital violence in sport in Canada.

Janice Forsyth

University of British Columbia

Addressing the Silent: Understanding Safe Sport for Indigenous Participants in Canada

Research project objectives: 

  • Inform our understanding of why indigenous athletes and coaches believe silence is their best option for addressing the abuse they experience;
  • Provide clear insight on the critical constraints that need to be addressed in working towards safe sport for indigenous participants;
  • Provide recommendations on how to make the Abuse-Free Sport program in Canada safe for Indigenous participants.

Joseph Gurgis

Ontario Tech

Investigating Equity-Denied Sport Stakeholders’ Perspectives on the Barriers and Facilitators to Experiencing Safe Sport

Research project objectives: 

  • Explore the barriers and facilitators to experiencing safe sport among equity-denied sport stakeholders;
  • Identify recommendations to advance safe sport for equity-denied sport stakeholders.

Katie Misener

University of Waterloo

A National Investigation of Safe Sport Practices and Decision-Making in Community Sport Organizations in Canada

Research project objectives: 

  • Understand current community sport organizations (CSO) safe sport practices and assess if it is in alignment with recommended/mandated practices from governing bodies;
  • Explore aspects of CSOs organizational capacity and leaders’ abilities to manage safe sport (e.g., practices and policies).

Sylvie Parent

Université Laval

Analyse des besoins de formations des intervenants œuvrant auprès des athlètes au sujet de la maltraitance en milieu sportif

Research project objectives: 

  • Analyze training needs for the integrated support team and sport administrators (stakeholders) regarding athlete maltreatment;
  • Describe the attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and behaviors of different categories of stakeholders regarding athlete maltreatment;
  • Evaluate stakeholders’ readiness for change regarding athlete maltreatment.

Tracy Vaillancourt

University of Ottawa

A Tolerated Intolerable: A Longitudinal Examination of Soccer Referee Abuse in Canada and its Impact on Health

Research project objectives: 

  • Explore the prevalence and the health impacts of referee abuse in soccer in Canada;
  • Examine the short- and long-term impact of exposure to workplace violence on physical and mental health;
  • Examine the interaction effects of individual and contextual factors on the relation between violence, exposure and health;
  • Examine the indirect effects or multiple reciprocal processes on physical and mental health in relation to workplace violence.


All final reports will be translated into both official languages.