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Safe Sport Training

by Coaching Association of Canada



Creating a sport culture where everyone can thrive is everyone’s responsibility. Safe Sport Training developed by the Coaching Association of Canada helps you play your part. Whether you are directly involved with athletes or play another role in national sport, the CAC’s Safe Sport Training will give you the tools to recogonize, prevent and address maltreatment in sport. The 90-minute free eLearning is available in English and French, works across all platforms and devices, meets accessibility guidelines, and is available in the Locker. Certified coaches will also earn Professional Development points upon completing it. Together, we can make sport a safe place for everyone. Take the training today!


Content Standards Addressed

A. Definitions, descriptions and examples of prohibited behavior as outlined in the UCCMS;

B. Signs and symptoms of the various types of maltreatment; 

C. Information regarding the duty to report for any concern within and outside of child protection;

D. Scope of application of the UCCMS to Canadian sport; and

E. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for those with direct participant contact, including participants, and those with no direct participant contact.


Target Audience:  18-25+

Level of Sport: Grassroots, Club, Provincial, National

Delivery Method: Online training

Language: English / French

Duration: 1hr

Cost: Free


Accreditation badge number 002

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