Although the Helpline has received much attention since its launch in March 2019, many people remain unaware of its existence.

We have designed several promotional tools in order to increase the visibility of the service.

We invite you to print and distribute the poster and business cards during your events and to your members. You can also include the promotional graphic, available in multiple formats, on your website. Feel free to also add the promotional slides into your PowerPoint presentations. Help us make the Canadian Sport Helpline better known by spreading the word within and outside of your organization and your network!

Promotional Documents to Download

Poster, 11,x17, ready to printBusiness cards, ready to be sent to printer
PowerPoint slides (4:3 format)PowerPoint slides (16:9 format)
Promo graphic, format 300×250Promo graphic, format 728×90
Promo graphic, format 1200×1200Promo graphic, format 970×250