Investigation Guidelines

These guidelines were conceived with the goal of providing a general framework that members of the Investigation Unit can use in conducting exhaustive and impartial investigations.

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Declaration of Independence of the Investigator

Upon accepting a mandate, the investigator must sign a Declaration of Independence, in which the investigator declares that they will personally exercise their functions with impartiality and in conformity with the Code of Conduct for Members of the Investigation Unit and all other policies that govern the Investigation Unit’s activities.

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Mandate Agreement Template

A template of a mandate agreement was designed to be used by a client wishing to retain the professional services of a member of the Investigation Unit. It should be noted that the investigator may decide to use a different mandate agreement template.

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Remuneration Policy

Federally-funded sport organizations can contact the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada to obtain a copy of this policy.

Comparative Table of Provincial and Territorial Requirements for Investigators

Given that the Investigation Unit is aimed primarily at national sport organizations and that the investigations undertaken for these clients may be national in scope, the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada obtained a legal opinion concerning the laws of each province and territory pertaining to the conduct of investigations. This document gives an overview of that legal opinion, obtained in October 2018.

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